Treatment For Skin Picking Habits

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 Millions of people around the world suffer from a strange disorder which leads to the skin picking habit. This is actually an impulse control disorder that can be treated, if the sufferer were to be determined enough. If one were to carefully analyze the condition of people who have this habit, you will most certainly find that the episodes of skin picking are almost always preceded by anxiety, tension or stress. While in most people the habit is harmless, it could sometimes go the extreme where one could end up causing damage to ones own skin. In fact, people are known to use anything from their fingernails to even pins and their teeth to pick their skin.

The skin picking habit usually forms in the late teens or in the early twenties. One more strange thing that research statistics point out is that it seems to be found more among women than in men. There are cases when people have gone to the extent of causing extensive damage to their skin because of this habit, leading to bruising, infection, bleeding and scarring of the affected area. For many, the habit seems to be an outlet for the release of bottled up tension and stress. The condition sometimes becomes psychological too since some people having the habit feel embarrassed to socialize.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is the treatment that is known to work in those suffering from the skin picking habit. This therapy basically involves teaching the sufferers newer and more constructive habits to replace the bad habit. As part of the therapy, those suffering from the disorder are encouraged to keep a note on the kind of urges that precedes skin picking episodes. Similarly, they are also taught relaxation techniques in order to reduce their levels of stress and anxiety. With a bit of determination, almost anyone can fight this disorder successfully. 

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Treatment For Skin Picking Habits

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This article was published on 2010/03/31