The Habit of Inconsistency

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How many business opportunities or money making opportunities have you tried that did not work for you? Does it seem like regardless of the opportunity that you get involved with, you find people who are super successful while you seem to struggle with mediocre results?

Well there is one habit that you can break that will start to breed success in any business, program, or project that you attempt.

On the other hand, if you do not break this habit it will lead you down the road of failure for the rest of your life.

The habit of inconsistency is the difference between a business owner and a opportunity seeker.

The main key to success in network marketing is consistency. If you finally find a successful method of sponsoring people, why stop?

Sure you might change companies for whatever reason. Even successful distributors change companies, but why quit network marketing?

It really is true that how you do anything is how you do everything.

We are creatures of habit, and everything is habitual.

Just like jumping from one money making opportunity to the next is unproductive, jumping from one weight loss plan to another is similarly a waste of time.

The same is true for moving from one relationship to another person because you "get tired" of them and it is too much effort to try to make it work.

The habit of inconsistency is a destructive habit. It will cause all kinds of turmoil in your life.

It will destroy your finances, it will give you health problems, it will cause you to constantly question your health and your relationships, and it will ultimately bring you disappointing results when you reflect back on your life.

The great thing about habits is that we can change them once we decide that we want to and take action on it.

Is this habit present in your life?  If so, I hope at least now you are aware of it,because knowing is half the battle.

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The Habit of Inconsistency

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This article was published on 2010/10/11