How Bad Habits Can Cause Bad Breakups

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Do you have bad habits that you wish you didn't have? Are you a procrastinator or a smoker? Being aware of your bad habits puts you in a position to correct or eliminate the habit. Now ask yourself if you have bad habits that you are not aware of. Do you push relationships before they are ready or bring past issues with you into new encounters?

You may have habits that are pushing your man away and you aren't even aware they're factors in your breakup.

When you've experienced unfavorable results in your relationships and can't understand why they all take the same turn, it may be time to look to yourself for some solutions. If all your relationships fail, the men may not be the problem; it may be you.

Before you begin protesting, consider the only common denominator in the relationships. That common denominator is you. Examine your pattern of breakups. Was he non-committal or were you pushing for a commitment before he was ready? Did he have problems expressing his love or were you so critical of his thoughts he was unwilling to express his emotions with you?

Look at the breakups from a different angle. Look at them from his point of view instead of from yours. Can you see a new problem when you look at it from a new angle? When you really look internally, are you capable of seeing a new set of bad habits? Once you can see you are potentially bringing problems to the relationship, you have the potential to stop your vicious cycle.

The habits you have failed to realize could be the habits that are deteriorating your relationships. Have you seen him run for the hills when you starting talking about moving your relationship to the next level? Consider that you are pushing him too fast to make a commitment. When a man is ready to commit, he will. You can't force him to take the next step; you can only let him see that the next step will bring him closer to you.

You can't convince a man to love you with words alone; you can show him how to love you with your actions.

Lead your relationships by example. Show him that you can be understanding, loving and fun to spend time with. Don't bring bad habits to new relationships. The path to failure is paved with good intentions. Learn from your past mistakes but don't pre-condemn your new relationships because your previous ones have failed. Start some new habits that include open communication and trust. Try not to evaluate your relationship based on time and start evaluating based on your levels of affability.

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How Bad Habits Can Cause Bad Breakups

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This article was published on 2010/03/28
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