Break Bad Habits - Motivators to Help You Kick Any Habit Quick

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If you have ever tried to break a habit, you know how difficult it can be. Your efforts might start of strong, but after a few days or weeks, they may begin to waiver.

There are many reasons why this happens. One reason is that often times people do not have a clear motivation to break bad habits. Or they do not see the benefits they will derive by doing so.

Listed below are some powerful motivators and benefits that will stimulate you to rid from your life any bad habit or addiction your want to eliminate.

Love - A love for someone special in your life can make you stop denying you have a problem and allow recovery to step in.

Look to Others - Watching a close relative or friend, who is much farther along on the destructive path, can be enough of an eye-opener to make you want to quit so you yourself don't travel down the same road.

Look to Role Models - Seeing a person who has successfully stopped a habit and seeing the improvements in their life can be an inspiration for you to want to achieve the same success.

Respect - Breaking bad habits will help you regain your self-respect and the respect of others.

Health - If you have a bad habit, it is more than likely damaging your health. Knowing that you can improve your health and add years to your life is a great reason to break yourself free from it.

Mental Health - If you are addicted to drugs and alcohol, not only will quitting improve your health, it will do wonders for you mental clarity.

Money - Most addictions, whether they are to food, to drugs, to a lifestyle, are very expensive to support. Think of all the money you will have and the many things you can enjoy, like a vacation, with the money you save.

Eliminate Guilt - Engaging in a habit or addiction creates guilt for many people, especially if they know deep down that what they are doing is wrong or that it is hurting their relationships. When you eliminate the habit, you eliminate the guilt that goes with it.

Improve Relationships - There is no denying that certain addictions, some more than others, destroy relationships. Your desire to improve and rekindle broken relationships may be the exact motivation you need to drive yourself to quit.

Become You Again - Addictions, specially to substances, changes who you are at a core level. It changes your mind set, it changes your thinking, it changes your outlook on life, and it changes your perception of yourself.

Essentially, you stop becoming you!

And the worst part is, the changes are evident to everybody, but yourself. That's the nature of addictions and habits; they hide what you once were, and keep you from seeing what you have truly become.

So if there is one motivator above all else that should inspire you to break bad habits and addictions for good, it should be the desire to become YOU again.

As mentioned, habits aren't easy to break. Which is why sometimes you need the right motivation to ensure you stick with your plan to the end.

Listed above are some really powerful motivators. Go through the list again and find the motivation that inspires you and write it down. And whenever you start to stray back to your old ways, look at your motivator to remind yourself why you need stay strong.

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Break Bad Habits - Motivators to Help You Kick Any Habit Quick

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This article was published on 2010/04/02