7 Habits to the Fastest Six Pack Abs

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To lose those unwanted body fat in the waist area is no easy feat. It requires time, effort and dedication. Choosing to lose those love handles, would require your motivation to change some of your habits and replace them with new ones. Fitness is a lifestyle choice and not a spur-of-the-moment decision.

Here are some habits to achieve the fastest six pack abs you've been dying to have:

Habit #1: Watch what you eat.

Notice that this habit did not say, "do not eat." It is important for you to realize that eating is the body's way to get nourishment. You don't eat because you crave, you eat because your body needs sustenance; therefore you need to make the right choice, instead of just stuffing your mouth with just about anything.

Habit #2: Perform Cardiovascular exercises at least 3 times a week.

Cardiovascular exercises help promote deep breathing which will bring in oxygen into your body. Oxygen helps increase your metabolic rate and promotes fat burning into your system. When you exercise regularly, the fat is not stored inside your body, especially in your mid-section, over long periods of time. This comes out in your sweat and toxins are also released as your exercise. Some examples of cardiovascular workouts are running, aerobic routines, kickboxing and even yoga.

Habit #3: Perform weight-training at least 2-3 times a week.

It is best to alternate your cardiovascular routines with your weight training exercises. Weight training helps increase your muscle mass. That way it makes it easier for your body to burn those fats, especially around the waistline. However, if you perform the same routine everyday, your body will memorize and get used to the whole routine. When this happens, you won't burn as much fat as you did when you first started. So if you are starting to get used to the same routine and perspire less than you used to, you can try different routines. Mix it up and make your routines more interesting.

Habit #4: Make a conscious effort to be active.

For some employees, this would not be a problem as their work probably requires them to move around. However, for some people this would be a challenge. For people who work in the office and live a pretty sedentary lifestyle, you just have to be active elsewhere. Make a conscious effort to exert energy whenever possible. Instead of riding the elevator, climb the stairs. If you can walk to work or ride your bike, do so, instead of driving your car. You'll see, these choices will make a lot of difference.

Habit #5: Strengthen your middle section with quick and simple exercises.

Doing sit ups and running on the treadmill are not the only exercise for the abs. The fastest way to get those six pack abs is also through simple routines you can do anywhere else. Keeping your posture straight strengthens your abs, because your middle portion supports your upper torso and would serve as your resistance exercise. Added to this, you can also try to contract every so often, to get your desired results.

Habit #6: Do breathing exercises.

Breathing exercises help contract the muscles and bring in enough oxygen into the bloodstream to help in the fat burning process.

Habit #7: Get enough rest and sleep.

Studies show that without enough rest and sleep your body becomes lethargic and this slows down your metabolism. When you have a slow metabolic rate, you don't lose body fat as much as you want to. So make sure that you get enough sleep and wake up the next day feeling refreshed and renewed.

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7 Habits to the Fastest Six Pack Abs

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This article was published on 2010/03/27